The wine of winter

A limited production dry Cabernet Sauvignon, Red Sled is available from your local distributor starting in October,
only as supplies last.

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Tasting Notes & Trade Info

Product Information


Red Sled


Cabernet Sauvignon









Wine Analysis


93% Cabernet Sauvignon, 7% Merlot


Aged for 11 Months in French & American Oak Barrels



Total Acidity (TA)

0.64 g/L

Winemaking Details

Tasting Notes

Vibrant with a refined finish, Red Sled is an elegant social wine crafted to pair with a wide range of winter fare. Ripe black cherry and rich dark chocolate play with surprising hints of freshly picked herbs and subtle notes of ground arabica beans. Bright and balanced, Red Sled is one smooth ride.


Sourced from one of the best wine growing regions in the United States, our premium-quality grapes are grown in the Lodi wine-growing region of California.  The climate in this region is optimal for premium wine production with cool coastal breezes from the San Joaquin Delta, warm, sunny days during the growing season and large diurnal shifts at night, when temperatures drop dramatically. In temperature matchups, Lodi boasts many similaritites to St. Helena, the source of many of Napa Valley’s prized reds.

Brand Information

Brand Story

Red Sled is our offering to the snow gods. Raised in the Northeast where winters are freezing, our winemakers were inspired by the pure joy of a snow day. The utter exhilaration of speeding down a sledding hill – totally free for a fleeting moment in time. We still remember the way a winter’s day can last forever. Still know how to pack a perfect snowball. And when it’s time to come inside, we don’t miss the chance to take one last ride.

Short Description

Red Sled is a maximum velocity, limited production dry Cabernet Sauvignon only available in winter.

Long Description

The magic of the first snow. The pause before you push off. Then, speed. Flying down the trail, freezing air fast against your face. Just you and the sled – exhilarated and free. Red Sled is a maximum velocity, limited production dry Cabernet Sauvignon only available in winter.