Red Sled is a maximum velocity, limited production Cabernet Sauvignon only available in winter.

We take snow days off to play

We remember the way a winter’s day can last forever. Full of friends and snowmen. Snowflakes falling all around. We still know how to pack a perfect snowball. Still stay outside until noses are frozen. And when it’s time to go inside – we don’t miss the chance to take one last ride.


The ultimate wintertime companion, Red Sled is for those who live the spirit of the season.

The wine of winter

Our grapes are grown in the California foothills of the Sierra Nevadas, where winter works its magic all year long. Even as our vineyards ripen on a summer day, cold winds blow from the mountains at night to cool the vines and build vibrant fruit tones in the wine. Balanced by all four seasons but only available in one, Red Sled celebrates the elusive beauty of winter.


A smooth social wine for toasting with friends, pairing with your favorite holiday fare & warming up by the fire.

Savor with a joyful spirit

Vibrant with a refined finish, Red Sled is one smooth ride. Ripe black cherry and rich dark chocolate play with surprising hints of freshly picked herbs and subtle notes of ground arabica beans. Bright and balanced. We don’t mind the cold when warming up is this fun.


Whether you wear ski pants or sequins, Red Sled pairs perfectly with your favorite wintertime fun.

Live the spirit of the season.